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Several Programs To Choose



Consumer Card

Business Card

Business/Organization -1099

Individual Organization -1099

Earn revenue immediately using one of the Worlds largest Cash Back Programs. CONSUMER:  E-Static Card holders receive up to 30% Cash Back when using the Dubli Cash Back Program. BUSINESS: Organize your business to wealth even globally using our Dubli Partner Program. Non profits are free and can immediately enjoy a converse revenue stream.  Profit businesses must contact us for initiation.   E-Static Stimulus System offers several programs to choose – Consumer – Business – Organizations – Social Media and More. Please contact us at 888 ESTATIC / 888-378-2842.


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Consumer Cash Back System

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1) Purchase

  • Online

    Get a card online. Enter your information and a E-Static Stimulus Card will be mailed to you. You can preload your card or can  add money to your card once you receive it.

    2) Activate

  • Activate your E-Static Card online or
    by calling 888 ESTATIC

    3) Use

  • Use your card to make purchases and shop online for Cashback:http://us.mall.dubli.com/0?BArefno=53719&_d=US%7Cen%7CrC1%7CrM1

    4) Add Money

  • Add Money In Person, Online or at our participating Banks and Outlets.  For a list of Reload locations call 888-ESTATIC.

Organization And Business Card


1) Purchase

  • Online

    Get an E-Static Business Card online. Enter your business information and a E-Static Stimulus Card System will be developed for your organization.  Use a one or a series of one to accomplish a rehabilitative goal or path to wealth.

    2) Activate

  • Activate your Back Office to review and manage your portfolio.  Unilevel and bilevel management provided.

    3) Use

  • Use your Business Card to generate revenue for your business and portfolio.http://us.mall.dubli.com/0?BArefno=53719&_d=US%7Cen%7CrC1%7CrM1

     Free for non profits. Get 30% plus 5 override.

    4) Grow

  • Grow from a single portfolio to a global reach using  E-Static Stimulus System.

Foster Care Emancipation Programs


Imagine finally turning 18 with no where to go, no family and a cold world who could care less if u live or die.  Thankfully someone does care.  E-Static Card prepares for the day that emancipation occurs in your life or that of your clientele. Simply buy or issue an E-Static Card to begin a path to wealth.  The system will retain and multiply any funds placed until future usage.  Perfect for a gift or permanent placement plan.  Contact Us! 888 ESTATIC