Patriot Act



 E-Static Card

To help the government find the funding of terrorism and money
laundering activities, federal law requires certain non financial
as well as all financial companies and institutions to obtain,
verify, and record information that identifies each person.

What this means to you: When you enroll and are accepted into the E-
Static Stimulus System – E-Static Card Program, we will ask for your name,
address, date of birth,and other information that will allow us to
identify you. We may also ask to see your driver’s license or other
identifying documents.

If you fail to provide the required information, documents to
verify your identity, or documents proving the existence of your
business within a reasonable period of enrolling into the E-Static
Program, we will initiate procedures to restrict access or cancel
your membership.

As a Non Bank Holding Company we are required to do our part to
protect the country from terrorists and other types of criminal
activity. We cannot waive these requirements. Please help us to
protect our country. Thanks for your understanding and for joining
us in securing a safer tomorrow.

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