To maximize your Stimulus Program potential, E-Static Stimulus System looks at your financial and social media possibilities combined as a total tool to enhance you.   This will be your Wage, Benefits, Followers, Likes, Friends and Member alliances.

How Do I Order, Load or Reload?

There are several ways to Order, Load or Reload your new E-Static Card;

1. Walk Up: 1495 NW 54th Street – Miami, Fl  33142

2. Online: http://www.e-staticstimulussystem.com

3. World Payment Center Locator

4. Telephone: 1-888-378-2842

5. Mail: E-Static Stimulus System – PO Box 611295 – Miami, Fl 33261

6. Authorized Pay Stations: Call 1-888-378-2842

7. Email: info@e-staticstimulussystem.com

Which is the quickest way I can get my documents to you?

The quickest and best way is to walk-in or scan a picture of your ID and proof of address (physical street address) and Email to us at info@E-StaticStimulusSystem.Com. Your documents are sent safe and encrypted. (Do Not Send as a PDF) – Contact your E-Static Representative for more assistance.

How long does it take to receive my E-Static Card?

Walk-In:  Immediately

Online/Mail: 1-4 days depending on your location.

What is the minimum and maximum amount to load on my E-Static Card?

Minimum: $25.00

Maximum: $5000.00

I was not approved for the E-Static Card Program, what happened?

When you apply for the E-Static Card your identifying information is crossed check to verify your identity. We are required by law to perform this check prior to your acceptance into the program. This must be a valid Government ID and Proof of Address (physical street address).  If our system has not been able to identify you or this information, we cannot accept your application into the program. If you feel our system has incorrectly denied you an E-Static Card. Please call Customer Service 1-888-378-2842 or write info@e-staticcard.com.

What is the age limit for your E-Static Card?

The age limit is 18 and older.

Do You offer specialized services? for Government or Businesses and Organizations ?

Yes E-Static contracts with Agencies, Businesses and Organizations in need of special rehabilitative and enhancement programs to aid them in reaching their program goals and mission. This may include Employer Payroll Programs, Management Membership Systems and Wealth Programs for Businesses, Organizations and Churches.  SPECIAL PROGRAMS:  If you give out cash benefits to your clients or consumers, E-Static Card has a variety of economic enhancing features THAT WILL ENHANCE YOUR CLIENTS CASH BENEFIT, YET RETURN REVENUE TO YOUR AGENCY. The Card can be used (E-Static Direct Revenue Assurance) to insure that your clients or E-Static card holders actually elevate through the program for the purpose intended, which is to become financially independent.  For more information contact us at info@e-staticstimulussystem.com about our involuntary programs and customization applications that do deny alcohol and other purchases and limits ATM Cash withdrawals.

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