Message from the President




My mission and desire is to promote financial independence as we now have a unique way to enhance our finances and the lives of others by enhancing cash, wages and benefits during these tough economic times.

E-Static Stimulus System – E-Static Card converts finances, wages, economic aid including cash assistance into an organized efficient product that places cardholders, businesses, organizations and government on a path to more financial independence and stability.

E-Static Stimulus System – E-Static Card rewards members through immediate enhancement as they are often able to help pay for doctor, housing, food, books, medicine and other essentials.

Learn more on our website to see why E-Static Stimulus System – E-Static Card goes much further to assist Cardholders, Business , Medical Providers, Organizations and others with programs including customizations systems that will stimulate their business activity to where commerce is converted into interactive cyclic activity.  This is often a true path to positive communal performance on local and national levels.

Join us on this path to financial independence for all.


Ronald W. Shephard
Founder & CEO

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