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World’s largest Cash Back Mall


Enjoy the best and most from our largest Cash Back Provider. If we don’t have it, let us know about it.  Free For Consumers And Non Profits. Sign Up Here:




Employer Payroll Card


Enhance the bottom line of your workforce with cash back.  E-Static Card multiplies the net pay of your employees and reduces or eliminates payroll cost. Contact Us at 888 ESTATIC or

Consumer Cash Back System

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1) Purchase

  • Online

    Get a card online. Enter your information and a E-Static Stimulus Card will be mailed to you. You can preload your card or can  add money to your card once you receive it.

    2) Activate

  • Activate your E-Static Card online or
    by calling 888 ESTATIC

    3) Use

  • Use your card to make purchases and shop online for Cashback:

    4) Add Money

  • Add Money In Person, Online or at our participating Banks and Outlets.  For a list of Reload locations call 888-ESTATIC.

Organization And Business Card


1) Purchase

  • Online

    Get an E-Static Business Card online. Enter your business information and a E-Static Stimulus Card System will be developed for your organization.  Use a one or a series of one to accomplish a rehabilitative goal or path to wealth.

    2) Activate

  • Activate your Back Office to review and manage your portfolio.  Unilevel and bilevel management provided.

    3) Use

  • Use your Business Card to generate revenue for your business and portfolio.

     Free for non profits. Get 30% plus 5 override.

    4) Grow

  • Grow from a single portfolio to a global reach using  E-Static Stimulus System.

Foster Care Emancipation Programs


Imagine finally turning 18 with no where to go, no family and a cold world who could care less if u live or die.  Thankfully someone does care.  E-Static Card prepares for the day that emancipation occurs in your life or that of your clientele. Simply buy or issue an E-Static Card to begin a path to wealth.  The system will retain and multiply any funds placed until future usage.  Perfect for a gift or permanent placement plan.  Contact Us! 888 ESTATIC

Probation – Parole – Juvenille At Risk Programs


Sometimes things do go wrong,  but never settle for incarceration. If you are at risk for incarceration join E-Static Card.   Revenue retention can open any door that proposes to be close.   Contact Us! 888 ESTATIC